Scientific Programme: Day 3: Friday, February 9, 2018

Session 1
Co-Chairs: Gayatri Hattiangadi (India), Sonal Vijay Chitnis (India)
F-001Distribution Of Communication Deficits In The Acute Neurological Care Of A Tertiary-Care Hospital In South India : Gopee Krishnan (India)
F-002An Android-Based Phonological Training App For Aphasia : Rajath Shenoy (India)
F-003Language Impairment Following Herpes Infection- A Rare Occurrence : Parul Sud (India)
F-004Laryngeal Apraxia – An ‘Unreachable’ Post-Stroke Communicative Disorder To Speech-Language Therapists : Gopee Krishnan (India)
F-005Normalization Of Voice Parameters In Patients With Unilateral Vocal Cord Palsy: Is It Realistic? : Rawish Kumar (India)
F-006Snakebite Envenomation- A Special Reference To Speech Impairment : Sanjay Kumar Munjal (India)
F-007A Systematic And Quantitative Evaluation Of Plantar Stimulation: Unravelling A Hidden Parameter (Sensitivity) And Its Application To Clinical Practise : Akash Harakchand Chheda (India)
F-008Effect Of Aging And Stroke On Trunk Control Dynamics In The Seated Reach Task : Asmita Kaustubh Karajgi (India)
F-009Effect Of Random And Blocked Practice Schedules On Motor Learning In Children : Shrutika Dilip Parab (India)
F-010Evaluation Model Of Upper Limbs Rehabilitation Training Based On Ahp - Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation : Wei Yu Wei (China)
F-011To Study The Role Of Gabapentin In Dystonia In Children : Payal Rajendra Shah (India)
F-012Brain Mapping Change In Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Before And After Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy: A Case Report : Yuki Uchiyama (Japan)
F-013Comparison Of Structured Intensive Program And Conventional Physical Therapy For Improving Upper Extremity Motor Skills In Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy : Sanjukta Shirish Sardesai (India)
F-014Effect Of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Induced Irradiation On Contralateral Lower Limb In Young Healthy Individuals : Namrata Nandkumar Kadam (India)
F-015Factors Influencing Motor Coordination In Children : Osamu Nitta (Japan)
Session 2
Co-Chairs: Tarun Lala (India), Rajeev Mathur (India)
F-016Functional Recovery Through Neurorehabilitation After Left Sided Pallidotomy For Cervical Dystonia- A Case Study : V Siddharth (India)
F-017Rehabilitation Programs In Severity-Dependent Stratification In Friedreich’S Ataxia Patients : Andrea Martinuzzi (Italy)
F-018Role Of Occupational Therapy In Management Of Children With Cerebral Palsy : Aishwarya Swaminathan Iyer (India)
F-019The Effectiveness Of Balance Intervention In Normal Pre-Teen Urban School Children Using Balance Master : Deepti Vikas Gadre (India)
F-020Botulinum Toxin Use In Specialist Clinics; A Survey To Highlight Differences And Similarities : Rajiv Singh (United Kingdom)
F-021Development Of A Simple Device To Measure Ankle Plantar Flexion Torques For Evaluation Of Spasticity And Its Clinical Application : Hirofumi Maeda (Japan)
F-022Improving The Test-Retest And Inter-Rater Reliability For Stretch Reflex Measurements Using Isokinetic Device In Stroke Patients With Mild To Moderate Elbow Spasticity : Won-Seok Kim (Korea, Republic Of)
F-023Indian Study On The Use Of Modified Static Ewho In Stroke Rehabilitation Management : Ajit Kumar Varma (India)
F-024Intrathecal Baclofen: Testing By Trial Infusion Prior To Pump Implantation : Martin Cossar (United Kingdom)
F-025Occurrence Of Dystonia, Spasticity And Contractures In Patients With Severe Acquired Brain Injury – A Prospective Cohort Study. : Susanne Kirk Baagøe (Denmark)
F-026Pronator Teres (Pt) Directly Influences Modified Tardieu Scale (Mts) Of Wrist Flexors – A Retrospective Cohort Study. : Sanjay Chatterjee (India)
F-027Does The Sensory Interaction Affect The Level Of Physical Activity In Patients With Multiple Sclerosis? : Kader Cekim (Turkey)
F-028Economic Rehabilitation Of Ms Patients And Families By Multiple Sclerosis Society Of India (Mssi) : Sheela Mukund Chitnis (India)
F-029Physical Behavior In Patients With Multiple Sclerosis : Kader Cekim (Turkey)
F-030Relationship Between Fatigue And Level Of Physical Activity In Patients With Multiple Sclerosis : Kader Cekim (Turkey)
F-031Evaluation Of Vestibular Functions In Multiple Sclerosis Using Cervical And Ocular Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials : Vignesh S S (India)
Session 3
Co-Chairs: Mohan Apparao Jadhav (India), Ambar Konar (India)
F-032Study On The Evaluation Of Cognitive Fatigue In Multiple Sclerosis: Correlation Between Objective And Subjective Measures And Awareness On Rehabilitation : Guhan Ramamurthy (India)
F-033“I Know You Have Problems But I Am Stressed”: Relationship Between Perceived Cognitive Deficits And Caregiver Burden In Multiple Sclerosis : Anita Elizabeth Rose (United Kingdom)
F-034Correlation Between Level Of Fatigue And Ouality Of Life In Hiv Infected Population After Energy Conservation Education And Endurance-Training Program : Muralikrishnan Srinivasan (India)
F-035Effect Of Home Based Occupaional Therapy Rehabilitation On Quality Of Life In Transvers Myelitis – A Single Case Study : Sonali Pandit Ghumare (India)
F-036Fatigue And Quality Of Life In Persons With Multiple Sclerosis- A Correlative Study : Odette M Gomes (India)
F-037Multiple Sclerosis – Journey Of A Therapist : Using Narrative Ideas Within The Context Of Occupational Therapy Practice : Pramod Dattaram Lambor (India)
F-038Physical Rehabilitation Of Ms Patients : Sheela Mukund Chitnis (India)
F-039Speech And Swallowing Functions In Wallenberg'S Syndrome - A Dual Case Study : Jaya Venkatagiri (India)
F-040The Clincal Effect Of High-Energy Laser On Scapulohumeral Periarthritis : Yong Qiang Li (China)
F-041Effects And Mechanisms Of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation On Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease : Xiaodan Liu (China)
F-042Functional And Muscular Effects Of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation In Patients With Copd:A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis. : Xiaodan Liu (China)
F-043Outcome Of Treatment Of Myofascial Pain Syndrome Of The Lower Back Using A Sequenced Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Protocol : Deepak Sharan (India)
F-044Children With Epilepsy - A Holistic Approach : Pratheep Kumar S (India)
F-045Cognitive Impairment In Epilepsy –Attention To Cognitive Rehabilitation : Venkatraman Karthikeayan (India)
F-046Cognitive Impairments In 506 Patients With Drug Resistance Epilepsy : Arthy Bhoopathy (India)
F-047Disability And Quality Of Life In Epilepsy Patients Visting An Epilepsy Clinic Run By Ngo In Mumbai. : Arti Sharma (India)
Session 4
Co-Chairs: Bharati Patil (India), Purshottam Dantala (India)
F-048E-Counseling For Pre-Conception And Prevention Of Neural Tube Defects, Epilepsy, Congenital Anomalies And Craniosynostosis Diseases Among Asian Indian Population : Mayadhar Barik (India)
F-049Educational And Occupational Status In Drug Resistant Epilepsy : Bhoopathy R.M (India)
F-050Epidemiology Of Psychological Co-Morbidities In Adult Epilepsy Patients In The Rural Districts Of Maharashtra : Arti Sharma (India)
F-051Epidemiology Of Psychological Co-Morbidity In Pediatric Epilepsy Patients In The Rural Districts Of Maharashtra : Arti Sharma (India)
F-052Hemispherotomy In Catastrophic Epilepsy : Sujit Abajirao Jagtap (India)
F-053Occupational Therapy Management Of The Cognitive-Perceptual Deficits In A Child With Epilepsy- A Case Report : Aishwarya Swaminathan Iyer (India)
F-054Quality Of Life In Epilepsy Before And After Treatment : Arti Sharma (India)
F-055Role Of Memory Rehabilitation After Left Anterior Temporal Lobectomy (Atl): A Case Experience : Mayuri Kalika (India)
F-056Sensory Strategies To Assist Seizure Management And Developmental Intervention In A Infant With Perinatal Asphyxia - A Case Report : Divya Mohan (India)
F-057Understanding The Efficacy Of Group Exercise In A Community Based Rehabilitation Of Children With Epilepsy In Rural Districts Of Maharashtra. : Hitav Pankaj Someshwar (India)
F-058Verbal Cognition & Social Communication Skills In Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: An Exploratory Study : Sonal V Chitnis (India)
F-059A First Psychometric Evaluation Of The Patient Categorisation Tool (Pcat) As A Tool To Mesure Complex Needs For Rehabilitation : Lynne Turner-Stokes (United Kingdom)
F-060A Study Of People Living With Post-Amputation Syndrome To Identify Their Priority For Treatment. Data From The First 99 Patients : Jai Kulkarni (United Kingdom)
F-061Active And Healthy Ageing And Neurorehabilitation: Models And Definitions Available In Literature From 2000 To 2016. : Matilde Leonardi (Italy)
F-062An Innovative Assessment Method For Assessing The Performance In Activities Of Daily Living Of Chinese Population With Functional Disability : Shanshan Guo (China)
F-063Assessment Of Neurodevelopmental Sequelae In Infants And Children With Neonatal Hypoglycaemic Brain Injury In The Indian Population-A Pilot Study : Vidhi Shah (India)
Session 5
Co-Chairs: M. Asad Khan (India), Ramakant Yadav (India)
F-064Blink Reflex: Early Prognostic Marker Of Bell'S Palsy : Kaushik Gowthaman (India)
F-065Care Givers Priority And Their Percieved Health Related Quality Of Life Among Moderate And Severe Cerebral Palsy Underwent Multilevel Surgery : Joshua Samuel Rajkumar (India)
F-066Cochrane Rehabilitation Field: Advancing Evidence Based Medicine Practise In Rehabilitation Community : Julia Patrick Engkasan (Malaysia)
F-067Dimensionality And Scaling Properties Of The Patient Categorisation Tool (Pcat) In Patients With Complex Rehabilitation Needs Following Acquired Brain Injury : Lynne Turner-Stokes (United Kingdom)
F-068Does The Tempo And Pattern Of Neurological Syndrome Help Diagnose Paraneoplastic Etiology? : Akash Harakchand Chheda (India)
F-069Efficiency Of Voice Therapy For Persons With Vocal Tremors : Noorain Alam (India)
F-070Electrophysiological Indicator Of Subclinical Central Neuropathy In Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients : Visual Evoked Potential : Juhi Agrawal (India)
F-071Etiological Spectrum And Clinical Outcome In Non Compressive Myelopathy From A Tertiary Care Hospital In South India : Krishnaprasad Thuvarapalayam Periyasamy (India)
F-072Falls During Neurorehabilitation And Thereafter : Auguste Tautscher Basnett (Austria)
F-073Functionalbalanceability In Children With Profound Hearing Impairment Aged 6 To 10 Years. : Komal Ramlal Agrawal (India)
F-074Infected Dermal Sinus With Arachnoiditis (Idsa): An Experience Of 24 Children : Naresh Biyani (India)
F-075Is It Possible To Completely Save From Suicide Or Attempt To Suicide In Our Society: A Comparetive Study Including With Review Of Literature : Mayadhar Barik (India)
F-076Knowledge And Attitude On Sexual Wellbeing And Practices Amongst Healthcare Providers In A Developing Country : Intan Sabrina Mohamad (Malaysia)
F-077Knowledge, Attitude And Perceptions/Practices About Developmental Problems, Therapeutic Interventions And Service Utilization Amongst Caregivers Of Children With Cerebral Palsy : Shraddha Manohar Patil (India)
F-078Knowledge, Attitude, Practice Among Health Care Professionals On Developmental Screening Tools For Children In Udupi Taluk Hospitals: Qualitative Study : Kritika Jain (India)
F-079Mindfulness Training And Pharmacological Prophylaxis Have Similar Effect In The Treatment Chronic Migraine With Medication Overuse : Matilde Leonardi (Italy)
Session 6
Co-Chairs: Ennapadam S. Krishnamoorthy (India), Parul Dubey (India)
F-080Predicting The Probability Of Falls In Geriatrics Using Traditional And Dual-Task Constraint Timed Up And Go Test : Hitav Pankaj Someshwar (India)
F-081Preliminary Report On Outcome Of Treatment Of Eichenholtz Stage Iii Charcot Neuroarthropathy By Usng Bilayer Lunairmed Insoles : Ohnmar Htwe (Malaysia)
F-082Role Of Neurosurgery In Patients With Occult Spinal Dysraphism Having Neurological Deficits : Deepak Amrit Palande (India)
F-083Role Of Platelet Rich Plasma (Prp) In Temporomandibular (Tm) Joint Arthritis – A Case Report : Pinky Omprakash Ratnani (India)
F-084Sexual Dysfunction Among Males With Physical Disability : Comparison Between Acquired Brain Injury And Non-Brain Injury. : Shivani Ap Rajasegaran (Malaysia)
F-085Unusual Presentation Of Phantom Pain Due To Thrombosis Of The Superficial Vein In Left Transtibial Stump : Ohnmar Htwe (Malaysia)
F-086Validation Of Facial Palsy Objective Scoring System For Bell’S Palsy : Nikhil Dhananjay Kadam (India)
F-087What Color Is Your Parachute? Rethinking Vocational Rehabilitation For Service Leavers : Marietta Birkholtz (United Kingdom)
F-088Atypical Presentations Of Cns Tuberculosis : Akash Harakchand Chheda (India)
F-089The Jaipur Foot : Anil Kumar Jain (India)
F-090Construct Validity Of The Balance Evaluation Systems Test (Bestest) In Patients With Peripheral Vestibular Hypofunction : Yasemin Aydin (Turkey)
F-091Efficacy Of Wooden Labyrinth 3D Game To Improve Gaze Stability In Patients With Unilateral Peripheral Vestibu;Lar Dysfunction : Yogesh Anand (India)
F-092Physical Therapy In Non-Vertiginous Dizziness : Poonam Ramesh Bajaj (India)
F-093The Effects Of Physical Activity Level On Functional Exercise Capacity In Patients With Peripheral Vestibular Hypofunction : Yasemin Aydin (Turkey)
F-094Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita: What Are The Limitations Of Activities Of Daily Living (Adl) In Adulthood? : Shenhao Dai (France)
F-095Effects Of Neural Mobilisation And Intrinsic Muscles And Splinting In Carpal Tunnel Syndrome : Sumit K Saxena (India)
Session 7
Co-Chairs: Satish Khadilkar (India), Odette Gomes (India)
F-096Rodent Model Of Pain: Role Of Topiramate : Amitava Chakrabarti (India)
F-097A Rare Case Of Polyneuritis Cranialis : Ummer K (India)
F-098Comparison Of Knee, Ankle Joint Reposition Sense In Subjects With Type 2 Diabetes And Age, Sex, Bmi Matched Normal Controls : Rizwana Sajjadhusain Bhadsorawala (India)
F-099Late Onset Pompe’S Disease: A Treatable Myopathy: Study Of Seven Index Cases : Madhu Bala (India)
F-100Ankle-Foot Orthosis In Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: A 4 Year Experience In A Multidisciplinary Neuromuscular Disorder Clinic : Anupam Gupta (India)
F-101Comparison Of Pre Operative And Post Operative Clinical And Radiological Angles Of Foot In Equinovarus Deformity In Cerebral Palsy Hemiplegic. : Amit Subhash Mhambre (India)
F-102Comprehensive Rehabilitation For Childhood Reducing Body Myopathy : A Case Report : Xinhong Wu (China)
F-103Exploring Prevention And Treatment Strategy For Critical Illness Associated Neuromuscular Weakness : Dharam Pani Pandey (India)
F-104Lower Motor Neuron Rehabilitation - Anticipation Of Complications And Early Initiation Of Therapy : Sindhuja Lakshminarasimhan (India)
F-105The Opinions About Lower Limb Orthoses In Multiple Sclerosis Patients: An Explorative Qualitative Study Using Focus Group Discussions : Eva Swinnen (Belgium)
F-106The Use Of Ankle-Foot Orthoses In Children With Cerebral Palsy: Influence On Thorax, Spine, And Pelvis Kinematics During Walking : Eva Swinnen (Belgium)
F-107‘Smartglasses’ – Trialling A Novel, Activity-Recognition System Designed To Enhance Rehabilitation And Safety For Patients With Neurological And/Or Cognitive Impairments : Steven G Faux (Australia)
F-108Clinical Effectiveness Of A Haptic-Based Perception-Empathy Biofeedback System For Balance Rehabilitation In Patients With Chronic Stroke : Kazuhiro Yasuda (Japan)
F-109Do Adequate Social Media Interactions Exist For Cerebral Palsy? : Joshua Samuel Rajkumar (India)
F-110Influence Of Roboticsor Lokomat On Psychological Well Being In Patients With Stroke : Neha Manjunath (India)
F-111Touch Screen Smart Tablet Gaming For Improving Fine Motor Skills In Children With Cerebral Palsy : Deepak Sharan (India)
Session 8
Co-Chairs: Deepak Palande (India), Rahul Gupta (India)
F-1123D Instrumented Gait Analysis In The Management Of Neurogenic Gait Disorder : Navita Purohit (India)
F-113Design Of Virtual Reality-Based Intelligent Rehabilitation Evaluation System On Upper Limb : Junhua Wang (China)
F-114Robotic Intervention And Occupational Therapy Rehabilitation In Stroke: A Case Study : Vidhya Depgunde (India)
F-115The Use Of Social Assistive Humanoids In Augmenting Therapy For Children With Cerebral Palsy: A Pilot Study : Fazah Akhtar Hanapiah (Malaysia)
F-116Trail Of Recreation With Humanoid Robot For Frail Older Adulta : Eiko Takano (Japan)
F-117Bone Marrow Derived Neural Progenitor Cells Tranplantation Promoting Neurogenesis Of Brain Injury Rats : Wenfang Bai (China)
F-118Massive Traumatic Brain Injury: Does It Improve? : Tushar Sonawane (India)
F-119Role Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy In Traumatic Brain Injuries And Post Traumatic Brain Neurorehabilatation : Laxmikant Bhople (India)
F-120Brain Ultrasonography Findings In Patients With Decompressive Craniectomy For Traumatic Brain Injury Undergoing Rehabilitation : Srikant Venkatakrishnan (India)
F-121Brain White Matter Abnormalities In Patients With Mild To Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury : Byung-Mo Oh (Korea, Republic Of)
F-122Clinical Course And Outcome Of Cognitive Impairments After Traumatic Brain Injury Or Anrurysmal Subarachnoid Haemorrhage : Anna Tölli (Sweden)
F-123The Coma Recovery Scale Modified Score : Matilde Leonardi (Italy)
F-124Inpatient Falls In A Hospital Rehabilitation Department : Atzmon Atzi Tsur (Israel)
F-125Knowledge Of Healthcare Providers In Managing Challenging Behaviours After Acquired Brain Injury In A Developing Country : Intan Sabrina Mohamad (Malaysia)
F-126Understanding Demographic Variables Of Traumatic Brain Injury Patients Admitted To An Indian Post Hospital Inpatient Rehabilitation Center: Road To Recovery : Vijay Janagama (India)
F-127Exploring The Outcomes In Hypoxic Brain Injury Following Out Of Hospital Cardiac Arrest : Ramesh Munjal (United Kingdom)
Session 9
Co-Chairs: Dattatraya Muzumdar (India), Abhijit Das (India)
F-128“How Many People In My House?”: Family Members Experiences Of Intensive Domiciliary Community Care Following Brain Injury. : Sonja M Soeterik (United Kingdom)
F-129Ankle Plantarflexor Spasticity Is Not Differentially Disabling For Those Who Are Weak Following Traumatic Brain Injury : Gavin Williams (Australia)
F-130Assessment Of Kinematics Using The Low-Cost Microsoft Kinecttm: Reliability And Validity In People With Acquired Brain Injury : Gavin Williams (Australia)
F-131Depression 1 Year After Tbi; The Shefbit Cohort : Rajiv Singh (United Kingdom)
F-132Depression, Burden And Satisfaction With Life In Caregivers Of Children Suffering Traumatic Brain Injury Three Months After Injury : Juan Carlos Arango-Lasprilla (Spain)
F-133Development And Testing Of Meaningful Multimodal Sensory Stimulation In Patients With Coma Following Traumatic Brain Injury : Aarsi Umesh Shah (India)
F-134Dysphagia In A Case Of Cricopharyngeal Spasm: Role Of Swallowing Therapy : Zainab Nagree-Hatimi (India)
F-135Early Rehabilitation In Severe Head Injury : Mansi Saxena (India)
F-136Effect Of An Early Mobilization Algorithm On Functional Outcomes In Patients With Moderate To Severe Traumatic Brain Injury : Tanushree Vishnu Bhat (India)
F-137Effect Of Intensive Physiotherapy In Traumatic Brain Injury Patients : Pooja Marmik Patel (India)
F-138Efficacy Of Amandatine On Improving Consciousness For Vegetative State With Tbi Patients Applied By Position Emission Tomography/Computed Tomograpy : Zhenlan Li (China)
F-139Efficacy Of Mobilization To Sitting In Various Durations To Improve Arousal In Traumatic Brain Injury Patients : Rajeswari Muthusamy (India)
F-140Evaluation Of A Novel Method For Assessing Whole-Body Postural Alignment In Walking, Standing And Sitting : Simon James Mills (Australia)
F-141Evaluation Of Group Brain Injury Education In Persons With An Acquired Brain Injury : Anita Elizabeth Rose (United Kingdom)
F-142Functional Outcomes After Acquired Brain Injury In Childhood: Which Domains Show The Most Progress? : Lorna Wales (United Kingdom)
F-143Holistic Neuropsychological Rehabilitation And Functional Improvement In A Case Of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (Tbi): A Single Case Study : Farzana Mulla (India)
Session 10
Co-Chairs: Vernon Velho (India), Raji Thomas (India)
F-144Home-Based Neuropsychological Rehabilitation In Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (Tbi); A Case Study : Yuvika Jaydeep Kamdar (India)
F-145Impact Of Acquired Brain Injury On Family Caregivers Emotional Health : Anita Elizabeth Rose (United Kingdom)
F-146Influence Of Aerobic Exercise On Improvement Topographic Memory In Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury : Volodymyr Golyk (Ukraine)
F-147Multi Disciplinary Rehabilitation In Case Of Hypoxic Brain Damage : Poonam Ramesh Bajaj (India)
F-148Outcomes Of Hyperbaric Oxygen In Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy : Ravi Sankaran (India)
F-149Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury (Tbi) And Their Partners' Feelings When Addressing Sexuality Topics After Tbi With Their Rehabilitation Team : Juan Carlos Arango-Lasprilla (Spain)
F-150Pilot Study On Outcome Of Brief Right Median Nerve Stimulation And Multimodal Sensory Stimulation In Comatose Patients : Nithya K Manoj (India)
F-151Right Median Nerve Electrical Stimulation (Rmns) To Improve Arousal In Acquired Brain Injury Patients - A Randomised Controlled Trial : Raji Thomas (India)
F-152Role Of Insight And Motivation In Memory Rehabilitation: A Case Study : Tanvi Dingankar (India)
F-153Sexual Counseling And Treatment Experience Of Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury And Their Partners : Juan Carlos Arango-Lasprilla (Spain)
F-154The Efficacy Of A One Month Intense Physiotherapy Programme For Acquired Spastic Equinovarus Deformity In Brain Injury Patients. : Betsy Jacob (United Kingdom)
F-155The Efficacy Of Errorless Learning In Treating Disorientation : Anita Rose (United Kingdom)
F-156The Incidence Of Anosmia After Traumatic Brain Injury; The Shefbit Cohort : Rajiv Singh (United Kingdom)
F-157Treatment Eficcacy For Tbi In Children: Importance Of Detailed Evaluation And Individualized Family-Based Rehabilitation Program - A Case Report. : Eliane Cespedes Paes Huard (Brazil)
F-158Understanding Decision Making Environment For People In Minimally Conscious State : Kudret Yelden (United Kingdom)