Scientific Programme: Day 2: Thursday, February 8, 2018



Session 1
Co-Chairs: Ashima Nehra (India), Jamuna Rajeswaran (India)
T-001Cerebral Changes Related To Sexual Dysfunction After Spinal Cord Injury: A Mixed Methods Study : Carl Froilan Leochico (Philippines)
T-002Clinical Profiling Of Persons With Dementia In Selected Cognitive Linguistic Domains : Heena Sunil Shahani (India)
T-003Impact Of Theme Of Music (Happy Or Sad) On Attention, Concentration & Recall Of Healthy Young Adults. : Chitkala Pradeep Deshpande (India)
T-004Interpreting Spatial Dysgraphia After Stroke: Straight Ahead Or Straight Above ? : Dominic Pérennou (France)
T-005Neurofeedback Training With Mu Rhythm For Social Cognitive Deficits: A Systematic Review : Manju Kumari (India)
T-006Subliminal Sexual Perception: The Role Of Spinal Cord : Carl Froilan Leochico (Philippines)
T-007Construction Of Questionnaire To Asses Third Party Disability In Mothers Of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder (Cwasd) : Rishidhar Ashokkumar Dubey (India)
T-008Neuropsychological Contribution To The Diagnosis Of Nonverbal Learning Disorder: A Review : Daiane Da Silva Pinson (Brazil)
T-009Neurorehabilitation In Two Adults With Hurler Syndrome And Morquio A Syndrome Due To Attentional Difficulties : Nolly Nataly Castañeda Ibáñez (Colombia)
T-010Rehabilitation Challenges In An Elderly Cauda Equina Syndrome With Concurrent Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus ; A Case Report : Wan Najwa Wan Mohd Zohdi (Malaysia)
T-011To Test If Separation Anxiety(Sa) Is Absent/Attenuated In Autistic Children : Nisreen Bohra (India)
T-012Usefulness Of A Brief Cognitive Tool To Predict Progression Of Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment To Alzheimer'S Disease : Jwala Narayanan (India)
T-013Demography Of Cases Referred For Psychological Support And Counselling In A Developing Country - A Descriptive Study : Intan Sabrina Mohamad (Malaysia)
T-014Investigating Causes : Sumeet Gurunath Sarang (India)
T-015Magnitude Of Co-Morbidities In Pediatric Epilepsy: Need For Neuropsychological Rehabilitation : Somini Haresh Mehta (India)
T-016Effect Of Medical Welfare Cooperation Of "Vocational Rehabilitation Planning Sheet For People With Cognitive Disorders After Acquired Brain Injury" : Tamami Aida (Japan)
Session 2
Co-Chairs: Bindu Menon (India), Maheswarappa Mahadevappa (India)
T-017Neuropsychology Practice In India: Online Survey Based Study : Farzana Mulla (India)
T-018Validation And Proof Of Concept Pilot Study On Cognitive Retraining Strategies In Early Dementia : Nandini Mohanan (India)
T-019A New Computer-Based Saccade Traing Program For Patients With Hemianopia – Preliminary Results : René M Müri (Switzerland)
T-020Case Study Highlighting The Effectiveness Of Intensive Neuropsychological Rehabilitation 13 Years Since Brain Injury : Shraddha Shah (India)
T-021Designing New Technologies To Assist Memory In Patients With Neurological Disorders : Laurie Ann Miller (Australia)
T-022Diagnosis And Management Of Anti-Nmda Receptor Limbic Encephalitis In A Young Filipino Woman: A Case Report : Ma Nessa Buniel Gelvosa (Philippines)
T-023Efficacy Of Cognitiv Corrective Therapy In Patients With Mild Cognitive Impaiment : Nan Haiou (China)
T-024Impact Of Electroacupuncture Combined With Behavior Training On Event - Related Potential P300 In Rats With Mid/ Advanced Cerebral Infarction : Qian Yu (China)
T-025Impact Of Electroacupuncture Combined With Behavioral Training On Learning Memory And In Vivo Ltp In Rats With Advanced Cerebral Infarction : Qian Yu (China)
T-026Impact Of Heartfulness Meditation On Transmission Of Brain Waves : Snehal Deshpande (India)
T-027L- Carnosine In Pediatric Cognitive Disorders : Moses P Moorthy (India)
T-028Marital Quality After Acquired Brain Injury: An Indian Perspective : Shraddha Shah (India)
T-029Meta-Cognition In Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – An Occupational Therapy Cohort Study. : Aishwarya Swaminathan Iyer (India)
T-030Narrative Medicine And Patients With Alzheimer’S Disease: The Timeslips Experience : Matilde Leonardi (Italy)
T-031Shark Attack Memory: A ‘Brain-Training’ App With The Hippocampus In Mind : Narinder Kapur (United Kingdom)
T-032Telemedicine To Set New Frontiers In Neurorehabilitation: A Cognitive Home-Based Solution : Federica Alemanno (Italy)
Session 3
Chair: Ganesh Kini (India)
T-033The Relationships Between Mediation Levels In Cognitive Assessments And Mediation Levels In Cognitive-Functional Assessments : Rachel Kizony (Israel)
T-034Using An Eclectic Neuropsychotherapeutic Approach To Improve Quality Of Life In A Patient With Mild Cognitive Impairment : Shraddha Shah (India)
T-035Dysarthrophonia In Assossiation With Voice Analysis: A Case Study : Nikhila K. Govathi (India)
T-036What Is Stroke? Why I Can’T Swallow!!What Are The Risk Factors Of Swallowing? : Nikhila K. Govathi (India)
T-037Simple Self-Paced Yoga-Asana Learning And Home Practice Improves Qol And Cognitive Functioning In Parkinson’S Disease: A Pilot Study : Rahul V Kulkarni (India)
T-038Reliability, Validity And Sensitivity Of The Outcome Measures Provided By A Robotic Device For Hand Rehabilitation : Marco Germanotta (Italy)
T-039Are Functional And Anatomical Biomarkers Of The Motor System Independent To Explain Upper Limb Motor Impairment After Stroke? : Claire Kemlin (France)
T-040Calpain-Mediated Beta-Secretase (Bace1) Up-Regulation Induce Neurodegeneration In The Postischemic Basal Ganglia : Hanbai Liang (Japan)
T-041Correlation Between Neuronal Regeneration And Expression Levels Of Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (Mif) After Ischemic Stroke In The Rat Brain : Daeyul Kim (Korea, Republic Of)
T-042Cross-Cultural Adaptation And Validation Of Life Satisfaction Checklist-11 Among Persons With Stroke In China At 3 Years After Discharge : Rongrong Wang (Norway)
T-043Effects Of Different Hbo Treatment Courses On Perihematomal Edema And Expression Of Aquaporin-4 And Superoxide Dismutase In Rats With Ich : Li Hong Ling (China)
T-044Endogenous Mobilization Of Hematopoietic Stem Cells- A Sub-Acute Stroke Intervention To Improve Functional Outcome : Sanakr Prasad Gorthi (India)
T-045Enriched Environment Promotes Motor And Social Function After Stroke In Mice : Whenhua Chen (China)
T-046Hypoxic Encephalopathy: Is It That Bad! : Navita Purohit (India)
T-047Malingnat Mca Infarction: A Catastrophe For Stroke Rehabilitation : Abhishek Srivastav (India)
Session 4
Co-Chairs: John M. Solomon (India), Ramesh Patankar (India)
T-048Study Of Clinical Spectrum, Prevalence, Localization And Etiological Implications Of Post Stroke Movement Disorders In Adults. : Neeraj Elango (India)
T-049Visual Verticality Perception After Stroke: A Systematic Review Of Methodological Approaches And Suggestions For Standardization : Dominic Pérennou (France)
T-050Work- Family Conflict Among Health Care Workers In A Rehabilitation Center : Styliani Konstantinos Papakosta (Greece)
T-051Cerebral Cortex Activation Pattern Of Unilateral And Bilateral Wrist Extension Task Using 3T Fmri : Neha Singh (India)
T-052Cognitive Communicative Deficits In Adults With Stroke : Jaya Venkatagiri (India)
T-053Correlation Of Muscle Activity During Trunk Training Activities With Trunk Performance In Stroke Survivors : Arunima Biswas (India)
T-054Development Of A Screening Tool For Visuo-Perceptual Impairments In Indian Stroke Population : Poonam Ramesh Bajaj (India)
T-055Kinematic Analysis Of Physiological Impairment Of Dysphagia In Stroke Survivors –A Videofluroscopic Based Study : Ankita Murlidhar Bhutada (India)
T-056Lower Extremity Semg Activity During Functional Mobility In A 22 Years Old With Postpartum Cerebral Venous Thrombosis: A Case Report : Jayasree T.J (India)
T-057Neurorehabilitation In Post Partum Hypernatremic Encephalopathy: A Case Report : Varsha Soni (India)
T-058Profile Of Cognitive Impairment Post Stroke Within In Patient Rehabilitation : Lydia Abdul Latif (Malaysia)
T-059Swallowing Dysfunction In Patients With Supra Medullary Infarct (Smi) & Lateral Medullary Infarct (Lmi): A Comparative Study : Silky L Arora (India)
T-060Sympathetic Skin Response May Help With The Diagnosis Of Post-Stroke Complex Regional Pain Syndrome : Justin Li (Hong Kong)
T-061The Study Of The Stretch Reflex Measurements In The Elbow Spasticity Using Color Augmented Depth Tracking : Sungmin Cho (Korea, Republic Of)
T-062A Prospective Observational Study Of Early Seizure In Stroke Patients In A Tertiary Care Center (On Going Study) : Sanjeev Kumar (India)
T-063Association Of Hip Muscular Strength With Weight Bearing Asymmetry, Pelvic Tilt And Gait Speed In Patients Post Stroke : Vishakha Bhagwandas Darak (India)
Session 5
Co-Chairs: Roop Gursahani (India), Manikandan Natarajan (India)
T-064Burden Of Post Stroke Seizures In A Tertiary Care Centre In South India : Shubha Subramanian (India)
T-065Investigating The Prevalence Of Upper-Limb Spasticity And Associated Problems Among Nursing Home Residents With Stroke : Steven G Faux (Australia)
T-066Ischemic Stroke And Migraine In A Tertiary Care Centre : Venkatesan Manickam (India)
T-067Profile Of Acute Stroke Patients In Relation With Duration Of Stay In An Urban Tertiary Health Care Centre & Recovery Pattern. : Kushal Agrawal (India)
T-068Risk Factors, Etiology, And Outcome Of Stroke In Young Adults In A Tertiary Care Centre : Aqila Babu Abdullah (India)
T-069Sexual Dysfunction After Stroke - A Review Paper : Intan Sabrina Mohamad (Malaysia)
T-070Understanding Demographic Variables Of Stroke Patients Admitted To An Indian Post Hospital Inpatient Rehabilitation Center: To Pave The Way Forward : Vijay Janagama (India)
T-071Effects Of Post-Stroke Fatigue On Functional Outcome During Stroke Rehabilitation Program : Yoon Ghil Park (Korea, Republic Of)
T-072Stroke In Pregnancy: Rehabilitation Challenges And Experience From Malaysia : Nor Faridah Ahmad Roslan (Malaysia)
T-073A Paradigm Shift In Rehabilitation Robotics: Moving Toward More Functional Outcomes After Stroke? : Susan Eleanor Fasoli (United States)
T-074A Six-Year Follow-Up Of Working Capacity After A Subarachnoid Haemorrhage : Emma Westerlind (Sweden)
T-075Adherence To Home-Based Exercises In Community Dwelling Stroke Survivors - A Pilot Cross-Sectional Study : Amreen Mahmood (India)
T-076Application Of Mirror Therapy In Rehabilitation Of Stroke Hemiplegia In China : Yang Liu (China)
T-077Assessing The Effect Of Cimt And Rtms On Cortical Reorganization Of Stroke As Shown By Clinical Scales And Neuroimaging Studies. : Neha Kuthiala (India)
T-078Atrial Myxoma'S Embolization And Stroke Causing Aphasia In A Bilingual (Persian And Portuguese) Iranian Girl: A Case Report : Eliane Cespedes Paes Huard (Brazil)
Session 6
Co-Chairs: Aloke Banerjee (India), Pesi H Katrak (Australia)
T-079Cerebral Venous Thrombosis With Polyneuropathy Following Diabetic Ketoacidosis: Case Report : Sangwon Min (Korea, Republic Of)
T-080Challenges In The Design Of Randomized Controlled Trials Using New Technologies For Motor Rehabilitation In Early Stroke : Andrea Serino (Switzerland)
T-081Clinical Analysis Of Three Kinds Of Exercise Therapy On Knee Control In Hemiplegic Patients : Zhong Hua Yang (China)
T-082Compare Effect Of Pnf For Trunk Versus Weight Shift Therapy On Trunk Control And Dynamic Balance In Chronic Hemiplegia : Ravi Jyotikant Shah (India)
T-083Comparison Of Mirror Therapy And Action Observation Therapy On Lower Limb Function, Ambulation, Functional Independence, Participation In Early Subacute Stroke : Esha Raman (India)
T-084Determination Of Intramuscular Motor Endpoint For The Effective Administration Of Botulinum Toxin In The Treatment Of Spasticity : Alexandr Kovalenko (Russian Federation)
T-085Development & Validation Of New Age Goniometer : Hitav Pankaj Someshwar (India)
T-086Development And Validation Of Physical Activity Measurement Scale In Stroke Survivors : Apoorva M S (India)
T-087Development Of A Hierarchy Of Tasks For Functional Training Of Stroke Survivors : Vasanthan Rajagopalan (India)
T-088Development Of A Physical Activity Program For Stroke Survivors Living In Community : John M Solomon (India)
T-089Different Perspectives Of Rehabilitation Protocol For Dominant And Non-Dominant Stroke ? : Neha Singh (India)
T-090Direct Modulation Of Functional Connectivity Through Neurofeedback In Chronic Stroke Patients : Anaïs Mottaz (Switzerland)
T-091Does Low Frequency Rtms Plays A Role In Elucidating Clinical And Neurophysiological Parameters In Motor Recovery Of Acute Ischemic Stroke ? : Hina Sharma (India)
T-092Does Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Of Scapular Muscles Enhance Upper Extremity Functional Recovery Following Stroke? – A Randomized Clinical Trial : Vijaya K Kumar (India)
T-093Early Endoscopic Evacuation Of Spontaneous Supratentorial Intracerebral Hematomas : Case Selection, Surgical Technique, And Outcome. : Suresh Sankhla (India)
T-094Early Shoulder Internal Rotator Chemo Denervation May Significantly Decrease Spasticity Of Elbow Flexors And Wrist Flexors – Retrospective Cohort Study. : Sanjay Chatterjee (India)
Session 7
Co-Chairs: Rioshan Vania (India), Feroz M. Khan (India)
T-095Efectiveness Of Constraint Induced Language Therapy Combined With Low Frequency Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation For Non-Fluent Aphasia : Qiumin Zhou (China)
T-096Effecacy Of Meta-Cognitive Strategy Training On Functional Performance And Community Reintegation Of Patients With Chronic Acquired Brain Injury : Kshanaprava Mohakud (India)
T-097Effect Of Aquatic Therapy On Balance And Gait In Stroke: A Rapid Review : Pradeepa Nayak (India)
T-098Effect Of Elite Manual Therapy On Radicular Lower Back Pain: A Pilot Study : Naveen Ganer (India)
T-099Effect Of Fatigue Management Protocol In Patients With Stroke : A Randomized Controlled Trial : Manikandan Natarajan (India)
T-100Effect Of Functional Electrical Stimulation (Fes) On Dorsiflexor Muscle Strength And Gait Training With Dorsiflexor Assist In Acute Stroke Patients : Senthil Kumar (India)
T-101Effect Of Mirror Therapy On Lower Extremity Muscle Activation In Patients With Stroke : Asha G (India)
T-102Effect Of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (Nmes) On Management Of Dysphagia In Patients With Stroke : Nikita Uday Kirane (India)
T-103Effect Of Observation With Intent To Imitate Therapy On Upper Limb Muscle Activation In Patients With Stroke- Randomized Controlled Trial : Dhwani Bhadresh Doshi (India)
T-104Effect Of Robot-Assisted Gait Training On Motor Recovery, Balance And Gait In Stroke : Palak Thaker Malhotra (India)
T-105Effect Of Spatial Versus Temporal Training Using Cdp On Balance In Subacute Stroke : Geeson David Arumbur (India)
T-106Effect Of Training Eye Hand Coordination Using Emerging User Interface Technologies In Stroke Survivors - A Randomized Controlled Study : Nikhil Choudhary (India)
T-107Effect Of Unstable Surface Sitting On Anterior Tibial Muscle Activity Following Stroke : Ramachandran Sivakumar (India)
T-108Effect Of Upper Extremity Chemodenervation And Stretching Casting On Gait Parameters In Spastic Acquired Brain Injury Patients : Carl Ganzert (Canada)
T-109Effectiveness Of An Action-Observation Based Interactive Platform (Mirrorable) In Improving Hand Function In Children Suffering From Unilateral Cerebral Palsy : Arturo Nuara (Italy)
T-110Effectiveness Of Visual Conflict Exercises In Computerized Dynamic Posturography On Dynamic Balance Post Stroke - Pilot Study : Chaitali Anup Vaidya (India)
Session 8
Co-Chairs: Poonam Bajaj (India), Nitin Dange (India)
T-111Effects And Mechanisms Of Therapeutic Instrumental Music Performance Combined With Scalp Acupuncture On Upper Limb Of Patients With Stroke : Wenxi Li (China)
T-112Effects Of Number Of Repetitions Of Shaping Practice In Acute Stroke Patients: Preliminary Results Of A Randomized Controlled Trial : Auwal Abdullahi (Nigeria)
T-113Effects Of Static Progressive Splinting On Shoulder Contracture In Patients With Spastic Hemiparesis: A Pilot Randomized, Single-Blind, Controlled Trial : Michal Riha (Czech Republic)
T-114Efficacy Of Inpatient Rehabilitation By Multidisciplinary Team For Stroke Patients In Improving Functional And Cognitive Outcomes : Vijay Janagama (India)
T-115Efficiency Of Physical Therapy On Postural Imbalance After Stroke. Preliminary Results Of First Meta-Analysis : Aurelien Hugues (France)
T-116Electrophysiological Study Of Muscle Activity Of Lower Limb In Affected And Unaffected Limb While Performing Mirror Movements In Stroke. : Soniya Chhibber (India)
T-117Embodied Cognition Theory Based Action Verb Processing Treatment For Stroke Patients’ Upper Extremity Function Recovery: Behavioral Effects And Neurophysiological Mechanisms : Chunlei Shan (China)
T-118Evolution Of Resting-State Functional Connectivity In Relation To Motor Performance And Recovery After Stroke: A Pilot Study Using Fnirs : Sungmin Cho (Korea, Republic Of)
T-119Exploring Stroke Patient’S Expectations For Upper Limb Motor Recovery And Barriers To Achieving Those Expectations. : Katie Meadmore (United Kingdom)
T-120Feasibility Of Post-Stroke Upperlimb Rehabilitation Using Embodied Virtual Reality : Nirmal Narayan (India)
T-121Follow-Up Needs After Stroke- Can Post-Stroke Checklist Be Part Of The Solution? : Emma Kristina Kjörk (Sweden)
T-122Hand Based Functional Training For Hemiparetic Patient With In-Hand Manipulation Deficit Using Cognitive Approach - A Single Case Study : Abhinav Navalkishore Mishra (India)
T-123Hemiparetic Shoulder Muscle Strength And Scapular Mal-Alignment Are Predictors Of Trunk Deviation : Bassam Abd Elmageed Elnassag (Egypt)
T-124Hiccups: The Less Notorious Sequelae Of Ischaemic Strokes : Norhayati Hussein (Malaysia)
T-125Hyperbaric Oxygen Thrapy Reduces Post-Stroke Edema And Improves Outcomes : Ravi Sankaran (India)
T-126Impact Of Stroke On Balance Ability And Postural Sway: A Comparative Study : Ugur Cavlak (Turkey)
Session 9
Chair: Shashi Oberai (India)
T-127Improvement Of Persistence And F/M Amplitude Ratio Is Important In Controlling Muscle Tone In Patients With Cerebrovascular Disease : Toshiaki Suzuki (Japan)
T-128Influence Of Ankle Loading On Standing Postural Control And Lower Limb Muscle Activation In Persons With Stroke : Priyanka Ishwar Lalakia (India)
T-129Influence Of Task Oriented Circuit Training On Upper Limb Function Among Community Dwelling Stroke Survivors : Shruti Arvind Deshpande (India)
T-130Influences Of Proximal Hip Muscles Retraining On Movement Control Of Lower Extremity And Walking Ability In Ambulatory Stroke Individuals : Lavnika Dubey (India)
T-131Intensive Non-Paretic Arm Training In Chronic Stroke Patients With Severe Paresis Improves Functional Independence Without Compromising Paretic Arm Function. : David Good (United States)
T-132Knowledge, Attitude And Practices (Kap-Study) On Stroke & Post Stroke Management Among The Populations Of Ladakh:- An Educational Intervention Study. : Sakshi Sharma (India)
T-133Light At The End Of The Tunnel Improvement Of Cortical Visual Field Defect After Neuronavigated Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation : Nevine Medhat El Nahas (Egypt)
T-134Long-Term Daily Life Consequences Of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: A Cross-Sectional Follow-Up Study : Katharina Stibrant Sunnerhagen (Sweden)
T-135Mental Imagery Enhance Hand Recovery In Stroke Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial : Unnikrishnan V S (India)
T-136Modulating Internal Model Of Verticality By Virtual Reality And Walking With Body-Weight Support: A Pilot Study In Healthy Subjects : Dominic Pérennou (France)
T-137Music Therapy Combined With Acupuncture To Improve The Communication Efficacy Of Patients With Global Aphasia : Qian - Zhang (China)
T-138Outpatient Clinic Approach For The Management Of Post-Stroke Spasticity With Botulinum Toxin: Long Term Experience Of A Reference Center : Tomas Stuve (Portugal)
T-139Paired Associative Stimulation Improve Sensorimotor Functional Recovery Through Inhibiting Nogoa/Ngr/Rhoa Pathway In Rats With Cerebral Ischemia : Lu Yinshan (China)
T-140Perceived And Assessed Balance In Patients With Stroke Within 24 Hours After Discharge To Home : Lena Rafsten (Sweden)
T-141Pre Stroke Physical Activity Influences Acute Stroke Severity - A Register Study : Malin Reinholdsson (Sweden)
T-142Raised-Heel Stair-Descent Exercises As Part Of Functional Ambulation Training Post-Stroke : Maria Elizabeth Cochrane (South Africa)
T-143Randomized Trial Of Trunk Training On Trunk Control And Community Participation In Chronic Stroke. : Suruliraj Karthikbabu (India)
Session 10
Co-Chairs: Ali Irani (India), Reji Paul (India)
T-144Real-Time, Simultaneous Agonist And Antagonist Electromyography (Emg) Feedback In Upper Limb Rehabilitation Of Chronic Stroke Patients : Daphne Menezes (Singapore)
T-145Rehabilitation Following Sensory Impairement In Strokes With Different Areas Of Involvement : Archana Aditya Ranade (India)
T-146Rehabilitation Of Post Stroke Patients With A Focus On Neuroplasticity : Tufail Muzaffar (India)
T-147Rehabition Treatment And Prognostic Factors In Patients With Massive Cerebral Infaction : Baoqi Dang (China)
T-148Reliability Of The Device Using A Hand-Held Dynamometer For The Assessment Of Ankle Dorsiflexor Muscle Strength : Mitsuhiro Ochi (Japan)
T-149Reverse Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (R-Cimt) In Acute Stroke Patients: Theory Of Concept : Harpreet Singh Sachdev (India)
T-150Reviving Of Cortex Through Bihemispheric Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (Tdcs) In Rehabilitation Of Hand After Subacute Stroke- A Pilot Study : Shefali Gambhir (India)
T-151Robotic Training For Upper Limb Motor Recovery In Stroke : Deepti Ramchandra Kamble (India)
T-152Role Of Botulinum Toxin And Goal Based Rehabilitation In Improvement Of Fine Motor Function In Chronic Stroke: A Case Report : Poonam Ramesh Bajaj (India)
T-153Role Of Phosphodiestrase (Pde) Inhibitors And Tnf Alpha Blocking Agent In Functional Recovery Of Stroke Patient: A Case Study : Soniya Shah (India)
T-154Special Rehabilitation Treatment Of Patients With Stroke : Michaela Tomanova (Czech Republic)
T-155Study On Effect Of “Modified Constraint Induced Movement Therapy” On The Functional Status Of Upper Affected Extremity Of Stroke Patients : Rahul Midha (India)
T-156Support To Continued Active Life After Strroke For Older Stroke Survivors And Their Caregivers: A Feasibility Study : Hanne Pallesen (Denmark)
T-157Surgical Revascularization For Childhood Moyamoya Disease [Mmd]: An Experience Of 25 Children With Moyamoya Disease [Mmd] : Naresh Biyani (India)
T-158The Clinical Effects Of Mirror Neuron Training System On Upper Extremtiy And Cognitive Function Of Stroke Patients : Yan Li (China)
T-159The Combination Therapy With Peripheral And Central Simultaneous Electrical Stimulation On Stroke Patients: A Pilot Study : Satoru Saeki (Japan)
T-160The Effects Of Combination Of Neuromodulation And Speech-Language Therapy On Communicaiton Capacities Of A Patient With Severe Nonfluent Aphasia : Xu Qian (China)
T-161The Efficacy Of Resistance Bands On Ambulation In Post Stroke Hemiplegia : Gaurav Gomez (India)
T-162To Screen For Burden In Caregivers Of Patients With Stroke Condition. : Manasi Suhas Takle (India)
T-163What Outcomes Matter To Patients With Stroke In India? : A Qualitative Study : V Prakash (India)
T-164Why Are We Treating Post-Stroke Spasticity With Botulinium? Do Goals Change Over Time? : Jorge Fortunato (Portugal)